Blayne POV - Time For A Lesson (DVD)

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After 2 private matches against Blayne, Blayne has seen Gary's potential and invited him to join his wrestling team at Blayne's Gym.  Gary joins and after just a few practices Gary establishes himself as one of the best wrestlers on the team . Unfortunately, Blayne also sees Gary screwing around a little more than he'd like at practice.

Then in the most recent practice, while Coach Blayne is using Gary to demonstrate some moves in front of the team, Gary decides to be "funny" and catches the Coach in a painful spladle hold, pinning Coach to the mat, splitting his legs far apart and holding the move until Coach Blayne cries uncle and taps out in front of the team.  

The team seems to get a good laugh out of it including Coach Blayne, or so it seems...

A couple days later, Blayne is at his house, still remembering the "spladle" move, the team laughing, Gary laughing.  Coach Blayne decides Gary maybe needs a little "attitude adjustment" to make sure Gary knows his place on the wrestling team and who the real top dog is on the team.    

Blayne sends Gary a message telling him to come over and they can watch some wrestling on TV and Gary can get some extra pointers for his upcoming matches.

Gary comes over and they are sitting on the sofa, watching wrestling and someone gets put in a splade hold which Gary starts laughing and tells Coach Blayne that's the same hold he had the Coach got put in during the last practice and the guy is crying just like Coach did.  

Gary laughs a bit, Coach Blayne chuckles a bit, but thinks to himself, now would be a real good time for Gary's "attitude adjustment."   Coach Blayne suggests they go up to the mat and he'll show Gary some moves that he will never forget.

They go up to the mat, start working on some playful moves and there is some good give and take but eventually Blayne takes control of the match like the experienced wrestler he is, and now, he will ensure Gary is made aware of his place on the wrestling team and who is the wrestling team top dog.      


Video length 30:42