Cena - POV (DVD)

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Cena is hanging out on the mat doing some serious stretching and posing. He has a show coming up and he’s looking and feeling good. Some random guy named Gary comes in and starts throwing some shade on Cena, questioning just how good he really looks, especially compared to him. Cena strips down and shows some serious posing moves, but the taunting continues. They decide to settle who’s better on the mat.  Opening with a test of strength, Cena brings Gary down to the ground and keeps him in place by stepping on his chest, fully displaying his massive legs.  And now it really starts.  Cena gets him in a choke hold and you see the chest and arm muscles bulging as he shows who’s the better wrestler. The grappling gets more intense as Cena applies a leg lock and twists his weaker opponents’ legs in ways they weren’t meant to be stretched.  Veins popping as Cena uses all of his massive strength when putting on these amazing moves.  Gut punches, agonizing leg locks, sleepers and bear hugs all have you feeling like you’re being dominated by the powerful Cena.  Gary does get in a good move or two, like putting Cena into a schoolboy pin, but Cena just proves he’s the better wrestler.  Cena controls Gary for most of this match and throws in a few extra poses just to show just how prepared he is for his upcoming show.  Watch these great moves up close and personal with Cena!

Video length 30:12