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Cena vs Marco - Eighty Eight Beatdown

Cena is super confident in his looks and his ability.  He’s been around, but hasn’t been challenged enough to his liking, and arranged a match with the experienced Marco. Right away, Marco takes control and puts Cena in a sleeper.  “You’re dumber than I thought…you didn’t learn anything from all of the other wrestling companies?”, taunts Marco.  Out goes Cena right away. Marco wants to show Cena he’s the true master and executes another perfect sleeper.  Out again! Marco wants to spice it up, so he wraps his hands in boxing tape as Cena slowly recovers. Cena makes a woeful attempt to land a few blows, but Marco brushes them off and lands five perfect gut punches to Cena’s sculpted abs.  Cena keeps asking for more, though.  Does he like getting his ass kicked? Marco obliges his secret desire and brings Cena down to the mat, hitting him with a vicious stomp on the abs, a modified bow and arrow, a camel clutch, an arm bar exposing Cena’s mid section only to further pummel his already beaten abs, and then easily scoops the bigger Cena and executing a perfect pile driver.  Marco makes Cena do as he commands, ordering him to flex.  And Cena does what he’s told. This match is about a brutal beating and Marco showing Cena he’s out of his league in Underground Wrestling.  Marco keeps up the punishment with tons more moves, getting creative with his punishment.  And what he does with Cena at the end is sheer humiliation. Will Cena learn?  A must see!

Video length 20:19

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