Kasee vs Cena - Gym Buddy Strip (DVD)

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This is by far the sexiest bare all match at Underground Wrestler. The first time Cena and Kasee have wrestled and they loved giving each other hard blows. This match starts because we're all on a wrestling trip and decide to hit the gym. Kasee got done early and decides to head back to the hotel early while Cena is stranded without a ride. Cena is absolutely pissed that he has to walk back to the hotel and lets Kasee know it. Cena gets right to business and starts by shredding Kasses gym clothes to show his tight jock. The two continue to exchange cheap shots and massive body slams jumping from bed to bed. You'll stay glued t o the screen while watching this match with all the awesome close ups. It puts you right in the room with them.

Video length 20:45