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Chase vs Kasee - Singlets

These two rising stars enter the ring wearing singlets and immediately start trash talking each other. They get into an immediate posing contest, showing off their perfect physiques. When the lock-up begins, Chase takes immediate control putting Kassee in a long, brutal choke hold that turns into a sleeper.  Kasee’s out! Chase wants to have more fun and strips Kasee of his singlet while flexing. Kasee recovers and a nut shot gives him the dominant position. With Chase down on the mat, Kasee puts him in a powerful sleeper hold and wraps his legs around Chase to keep him down.  Out goes Chase!  Now it’s Kasee’s turn to strip Chase down to his underwear and flex while looking down at Chase’s limp body.  The battle continues with choke holds, more nut shots and sleepers.  Who get the bragging rights in the end?

Video length 19:55

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