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Chase is pissed about his last meetup with Marco.  He got his ass kicked. The cocky Marco was more than happy to lock up again.  Chase’s newly aggressive approach puts Marco in a viscous choke with his t-shirt, causing Marco to go almost purple.  But the master of cheap shots is able to inflict a ball buster and immediately put Chase into a killer headlock followed by putting him into a rack. And he applies a special torture while Chase is suspended on his massive shoulders.  An historic sleeper hold has Chase grasping for air as Marco slowly knocks him out.  Chase’s recovery is short lived.  A powerful bearhug has Chase begging for mercy and Marco shows none putting him into a scissor hold and squeezing the life out of him.  More sleepers, pile drivers, full nelsons, a dragon sleeper and more show off just how talented and ruthless Marco is.  You have to see this action!

Video length 21:43

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