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Chase vs Chasyn - $1000 Challenge

Chase is stretching and flexing as he awaits his opponent.  When Chasyn walks in, Chase takes one look and says he refuses to face another “cheating pro wrestler.”  Chase flexes, saying a “real wrestler” can’t beat his muscles, and starts to leave.  Chasyn calls him back.  He pulls out a blank check for $1,000, shows it to Chase and places it near the mat.  He makes a bet – all Chase has to do is grab the check, and he wins the match and money.  Since Chase was sleepered out six times in his last match, Chasyn says if he can sleeper out Chase six times he wins. Chasyn holds out his hand to shake on the bet.  Chase cautiously agrees.  As they shake hands, Chasyn ambushes Chase with a kick to the gut. Chasyn then improvises a couple of tough submission holds to keep him from reaching the check Then continues mercilessly run Chase through six long and grinding KO sleepers, alternating between cobra clutch and classic sleepers.  

Video length 21:25

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