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Dolf vs Vinny - Bodybuilder Battle

Vinny is here to kick ass.  His massive frame towers of Dolf, even though Dolf packs some serious muscle.  Vinny unleashes right away with a series of gut punches and knees to the abs to warm things up.  Dolf shows his skill as he takes advantage of Vinny and goes to work on his massive legs, putting on an impressive leg lock that gets tighter and tighter.  Dolf isn’t finished with the big guy as brings him down on the mat and applies an awesome sleeper hold while his legs are wrapped around Vinny to hold him into place.  Glorious! Vinny recovers and won’t have it, though.  He unleashes a torrid assault on Dolf’s abs and puts him in a hold that practically snaps Dolf’s arms off.  His camel clutch is a display of pure strength and has Dolf red faced and pushes him to the absolute limit.  The tides keep turning on this one, though,  These power lifters use their strength and skill throughout.  Who emerges as the victor? The ending is as intense as you will ever see. Find out who earns the win!


Video length 20:32

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