Kronos vs Kid Romeo - David vs Goliath (DVD)

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Kronos, formerly known as Vidar, is a 260 lb tower of muscle.  Kid Romeo is a lanky, totally ripped 130 lb wrestler and wants a piece of Kronos.  Kronos dismisses Kid Romeo and starts out by tossing the smaller guy around.  But don’t let size fool you.  Kid Romeo uses Kronos’ size against him, bringing him down with a serious choke hold. And the epic battle of David versus Goliath truly begins.  Kid Romeo finds all of Kronos’ weak spots applying more gruesome choke holds, sleepers, leg scissors, bear hugs and more.  But Kronos doesn’t fall easily.  The story goes that David beats Goliath.  Does Kid Romeo beat Kronos? This has all the makings for an epic battle!


Video length 22:15