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Kasee vs Eagle - Test of Strength

Both of these guys have amazing physiques and are true muscle bodies.  A “kiss my bicep” bet by Kasee peeks Eagle’s interest and it’s a test of strength and skill.  Eagle has a clear size advantage, but Kasee also packs some serious muscle. They start with some intense, bicep bulging arm wrestling,  Kassee shocks Eagle with his strength by taking the first contest.  But Eagle takes control and slams him into the wall and commences a barrage on his stellar abs.  Kasee returns the favor, though, and Eagle gets his abs pounded.  A major test of strength further shows off their amazing, sweaty physiques.  Kasee mounts the back of the much bigger Eagle and puts him in a choke hold that brings the massive hunk down to his knees.  And he’s not done.  He squeezes Eagle’s head in between is well muscled legs and flexes as he gets Eagle to beg for mercy. Can Eagle turn things around? Awesome display of strength and technique with flips, chokes, full nelsons, bear hugs and more! The question is, who’s bicep gets kissed at the end?


Video length 20:43

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