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The Mountain vs Kasee - 320 vs 160

Kasee is all confidence while flexing in the ring.  The Mountain enters and is all business.  He’s twice the size of Kasee?  Kasee is sure he can beat Mountain.  But the Mountain has his name for a reason.  He easily catches Kasee as he jumps from the turnbuckle and then tosses him aside.  His size and strength are on full display as he brutally beats on Kasee.  His lift and carry parades Kasee around the ring and then power lifts the young gun over his head before tossing him back to earth. Gut punches, head butts, choke holds, a stellar full nelson and lifting up Kasee by the throat not once, but twice! The Mountain crushes Kasee and enjoys doing it. Watch some of the best punishment you’ll ever see!


Video length 20:53

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