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Kronos vs Blayne - Compression Combat

Kronos wastes no time showing Blayne who’s boss.  His massive arms wrap about Blayne’s neck and he applies a serious choke hold.  He follows with a major bear hug, suspending Blayne helplessly as he squeezes the breath out of him. Blayne is undaunted and confident he can turn things around.  Kronos laughs it off, putting him into a serious camel clutch.  Muscles rippling, Kronos has a look of sheer determination to break Blayne.  His massive tree-trunk thighs wrap around Blayne’s torso and the squeeze is epic! Sleepers, choke holds, triangle, neck breakers, and more.  One thing is for sure, Kronos makes full use of his massive thighs! Witness this display of skill and strength as Kronos will not disappoint.  Well, except for maybe Blayne. 

Video length 20:53

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