Marco vs Kronos - Coming For The King

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Marco is furious with Kronos because he’s said some pretty insensitive things.  Kronos has also racked up a long list of wins against Marco’s friends with his 260 lb frame of rippling muscle.  They lock up and Marco immediately uses a cheap shot to get the advantage. It’s a skill versus strength match.  Marcos put his skill on display right away with an arm bar that practically dislocates Kronos’ shoulder.  A serious gut bashing takes the wind out of Kronos and even though Kronos descends on Marco and puts him in a serious headlock, Marco uses his elbow to break the hold. Marco flexes while he squeezes Kronos’ head with his powerful thighs and proceeds to put Kronos to sleep and even lifts and carries Kronos around the mat! Marco’s applies a camel clutch that has Kronos in agony. Such power! This match is full of technique with sleepers, gut punches, full nelsons, ab stretches and more.  Does Marco keep control the rest of the match? Or does the awesome strength of Kronos prevail?


Video length 20:22

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