Cason and Vinny vs Kid Romeo - High School Tough Guys (DVD)

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Vinnie and Cason are sparring when Kid Romeo, who’s the gym’s janitor, tells them they need to wrap it up.  These guys all go to school together and the testosterone is flowing as Vinnie and Cason make fun of the smaller Kid Romeo and challenge him to a boxing match.  Kid Romeo is highly skilled, and agrees to put on the gloves to take out the much bigger Vinnie.  Kid Romeo holds his own, and Cason decides he needs to step in and take control.  And he does, knocking Kid Romeo out with a massive right cross. Then the wrestling begins as the two big guys put Kid Romeo into an array vicious moves like back breakers, lift & carries, and more.  Vinnie shows pure power buy lifting and holding Kid Romeo high over his head for what seems a ridiculous amount of time.  These two bullies live up to their reputation and make Kid Romeo suffer.  Watch this duo show off their strength and skill!

Video length 22:19

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