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Cena vs Chasyn - Beg For Mercy

This match follows $1000 Challenge. If you haven't seen that match yet, check it out!

Cena is in the house and wants payback for one of his buddies.  Chasyn is annoyed because he’s a pro wrestler and everyone thinks he cheats to win.  A test of strength starts the match, and the bigger Cena drives Chasyn down, but a swift kick to the gut neutralizes the big guy.  Chasyn declares that he’s a “great wrestler” and puts on a powerful figure four leg lock that has Cena writhing in pain. Chasyn loves to taunt while he inflicts pain! An awesome sleeper has Cena withering on the mat. Cena recovers and is pissed, but Chasyn won’t let him get anything going.  He puts him in a crazy torture rack and then right back into another sleeper! Big Cena is put into reverse headlock that bends him to the point of breaking – Chasyn shows now mercy! The question is, will Cena beg for mercy? Or will he turn the tables and get revenge?  You have to watch this and find out!

Video length 22:51

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