Dolf vs Eagle - Crazy Claws

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Eagle is in a confident mood, as always. After some serious trash talk, he cripples Dolf right away with a viscous gut punch and nut buster. Eagle applies a series of choke holds, knees to the gut, ab claws, leg scissors and crushes Dolf’s head with his powerful thighs.  Eagle shows off his perfect body as the pummels Dolf and his cheap shots never give Dolf a chance.  Eagle gets cocky and while flexing his awesome physique, and Dolf turns things around by putting Eagle in a full nelson and pounds on his perfect six pack.  But it doesn’t last as another cheap shot turns the table and Eagle is in control again.  The brutal assault intensifies and Dolf gets completely manhandled.  The lift and choke hold applied by Eagle is legendary.  Eagle clearly enjoys dominating Dolf, and if you’ve ever wanted to see his dark side, this is your chance. 


Video length 21:06

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