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Kasee vs Kronos - Kasee's Payback

Kasee is pissed at Kronos because he got is ass kicked in an earlier match.  Kasee want revenge.  Big talk by a guy who’s 100 pounds lighter than the massive Kronos.  Kasee makes a feeble effort in the beginning as Kronos swats him down repeatedly.  He has Kasee on the mat in a viscous choke hold to set the tone. He then puts Kasee into a modified camel clutch and his massive biceps are bulging as he practically snaps Kasee’s neck!  A cheap shot by Kasee brings him into the game, however.  He eludes Kronos’ attempts to get a hold on him and manages to apply a powerful sleeper on Kronos. He sits on the big guys chest and flexes his perfect muscles. And he’s not finished. He manages to wrap his legs around Kronos’ chest and applies some awesome pressure.  Gut punches, choke holds, and cheap shots help Kasee keep the big guy down.  The question is, can he do it all the way to a victory?   

Video length 24:07

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