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Kasse vs Troy - Bro War

This match is between two college muscle hunks who have phenomenal physiques.  Kasee doesn’t much care for all the flexing and a nut shot brings Troy to the mat.  He follows with a gut shot and puts Troy over his knee applying a serious wedgie while flexing his awesome bicep. Troy is no pushover and a cheap shot of his own brings Kasee down.  He puts Kasee over his knee and returns the favor with an even more intense wedgie.  Ouch! Troy gets Kasee into an awesome headlock and parades him around the ring before he locks his head in his powerful thighs and squeezes so tight he practically knocks Kasee out! Kasee gets back at him, though, turning things around with a nut shot and then bashes Troy in the gut and apply a nasty ball claw.  These two hot guys go at it with intensity and bravado.  Watch the back and forth match as the wedgies continue throughout, making it a must see!


Video length 20:03

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