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Marco vs Scrappy - Alpha Armageddon

Scrappy is cocky. And he’s ripped. Marco’s no slouch and won’t have any of it.  Scrappy claims he can kick Marco’s ass, but Marco puts Scrappy into his place immediately with a series of harsh moves like a reverse head lock and hoists him up over his big shoulders into a colossal back-breaker.  Brutal!  The gut punches annihilate Scrappy’s perfect six pack.  The patented Marco ball claw has Scrappy in agony. Scrappy returns the favor, though, and takes full advantage.  Mixing some serious flexing of his massive biceps while he pummels Marco’s abs is a sight to see.  Scrappy shows his former teacher just what he knows, and it’s an awesome display of talent. Of course, nothing’s fair in life.  Frey and Joey King are there in full support of Scrappy.  They join the party and take out some aggression on Marco. It’s all seemingly downhill for Marco now. Or is it? Find out!

Video length 21:05

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