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Zman vs Marco - Guns and Muscles

ZMan is on a mission to take out Marco.  He’s packing some heat to get the job done.  But Marco is able to sneak up on him and level the playing field by knocking him out cold.  He brings ZMan back to consciousness and wants to have some fun.  Marco jacks ZMan against the wall and punishes his six pack with a tirade of punches.  You’ll lose count.  Marco easily picks up ZMan like a sack of potatoes and suspends him over his muscled shoulders.  ZMan is not without experience and skill, turning the tables and putting Marco into an awesome choke.  Does Z Man succeed and take Marco out?  Or does Marco repel the unwanted intruder and teach him a lesson to never break into his house.  An incredible ending, for sure. Find out!

Video length 20:20

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